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django-hijack-admin 2.1.4

Django admin integration for Django Hijack (

# django-hijack-admin

Django admin integration for Django Hijack (

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![Screenshot of django-hijack in action on the admin site.](docs/admin-screenshot.png)

## Installation

Follow the instructions on to install django-hijack.

Get the latest stable release from PyPi:

pip install django-hijack-admin

In your ````, add ``hijack_admin`` to your installed apps:


For the admin integration to work, you must explicitly set `HIJACK_ALLOW_GET_REQUESTS = True` in your project settings.
Please be aware that users can now be hijacked not only using POST requests, but also using GET requests, which could facilitate CSRF attacks.

## Configuration

Path to the template for the "Hijack" buttons. Default: `'hijack_admin/admin_button.html'`

Whether the user model should be registered with `HijackUserAdmin` automatically. Default: `True`

## Custom user admins
Custom user admins are supported. Just set `HIJACK_REGISTER_ADMIN = False` and
modify your custom admin class as shown in this example:

from hijack_admin.admin import HijackUserAdminMixin

class MyUserAdmin(UserAdmin, HijackUserAdminMixin):
list_display = (
'hijack_field', # Hijack button
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