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django-holding-page 1.0.0

A viral holding page to collect email addresses with export and unsubscribe functionality.

Tested versions


  • Python 2.7.9
  • Python 3.3.5
  • Python 3.4.2
  • Python 3.5.0


  • Django 1.8


  • Users can provide their email address and name which is saved in to the database for future exports to systems such as Campaign Monitor.
  • Each user is sent a viral code, which allows them to share your holding page with other people and build up points.
  • Complete use of templates - configure the entire app to your own needs without touching the code


Start up a Django project in the usual way and then ensure you have the requirements installed:

pip install django-widget-tweaks==1.4.1

To run the tests on Python 2.7 install mock too:

pip install mock==1.3.0

Install django-holding-page pip:

pip install django-holding-page

At the end of


At the end of

urlpatterns += patterns(
    url(r'', include('holding_page.subscribers.urls', namespace='subscriber',)),

Remember to migrate:

python migrate

Finally, don’t forget to change Django’s default Site at /admin/ so the emails work correctly.


The following templates can be overwritten in your templates directory. See

Web pages

  • base.html
  • subscriber/subscribe_form.html
  • subscriber/successful_unsubscribe.html
  • subscriber/thank_you.html
  • subscriber/unsubscribe_form.html


  • email/welcome_body.txt
  • email/welcome_subject.txt


To develop the holding page package itself:

git clone git://
cd django-holding-page
pip install -r requirements.txt
./ test
./ migrate

Development Roadmap/Ideas

  • Auto-export to Campaign Monitor, Sales Force, etc
  • “Reserve my username” feature
  • Make it easy to integrate this as a beta holding pen for Django projects (i.e. issue beta invites to your subscribers)
  • Anything else you fancy adding/suggesting
  • Pull requests will be reviewed if you choose to share back.



  • First version.
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