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django-hotrunner 0.1.0

HotRunner is a Django test runner with useful features, like excluding apps and displaying running times of individual tests.

Latest Version: 0.2.4

HotRunner is an improved django test runner.

To use HotRunner, simply set TEST_RUNNER = 'hotrunner.HotRunner' in your django settings file. This enables two useful features:

  • Test exclusion: None of the django.contrib tests will be run when you run your test suite. Neither will any apps you specify in the EXCLUDED_TEST_APPS setting. You can override this without deleting your EXLUDED_TEST_APPS, by setting TEST_ALL_APPS to a true value. django.contrib apps will still not be run. To run them, specify them by name on the command line: python test django.contrib.auth

  • Test timing: Find out how long each test is running simply by setting your verbosity to 2 or higher. The time it takes to run each successful test will be reported at microsecond granularity:

    $ python test --verbosity
    test_absolute_url (news.tests.NewsModelAbsoluteURLTestCase) ... (1.103603s) ok
    test_empty_body_returns_empty_html (news.tests.NewsModelMarkdownTestCase) ... (0.000215s) ok
    test_markdown_saved_to_html (news.tests.NewsModelMarkdownTestCase) ... (0.014008s) ok
    test_unicode_markdown_converted_appropriately (news.tests.NewsModelMarkdownTestCase) ... (0.000803s) ok
    test_unicode_strings_must_be_decoded (news.tests.NewsModelMarkdownTestCase) ... (0.000683s) ok
    test_basic_slug_creation (news.tests.NewsModelSlugificationTestCase) ... (0.001656s) ok
    test_existing_slugs_do_not_get_overridden (news.tests.NewsModelSlugificationTestCase) ... (0.000307s) ok
    test_slugifying_disambiguates_slugs (news.tests.NewsModelSlugificationTestCase) ... ERROR

    Tests that fail or error will not report time, as the information is not necessarily relevant if the test is not behaving properly.


HotRunner is built for integration with Django as a replacement for its custom test runner. It builds on functionality in unittest2, so it only works with Django 1.3 or higher.

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django-hotrunner-0.1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-09-25 2KB