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django-iban 0.2.4

A validated IBAN field for Django models

Latest Version: 0.3.1

Validated Django model fields for International Bank Account Numbers (IBAN - ISO 13616-1:2007) and SWIFT-BIC (ISO 9362:2009).

Author: Ben Konrath

License: 3-clause BSD


  • Support for all currently active IBAN countries / numbers.
  • Validates IBAN using the official validation algorithm.
  • Date conditional support for Guatemalan IBANs (active 1 July, 2014)
  • Basic validation for SWIFT-BIC.


Use the model fields IBANField and/or SWIFTBICField in your models:

from django.db import models
from django_iban.fields import IBANField, SWIFTBICField

class CustomerModel(models.Model):
    iban = IBANField()
    swift_bic = SWIFTBICField()

Use the form fields IBANFormField and/or SWIFTBICFormField in your forms:

from django import forms
from django_iban.forms import IBANFormField, SWIFTBICFormField

class CustomerForm(forms.Form):
    iban = IBANFormField()
    swift_bic = SWIFTBICFormField()


Coding style: PEP8 with 120 character lines.

Ideas for new features include:

  • SWIFT-BIC validation using referenced IBANField (SEPA requires both IBAN and SWIFT-BIC to be correct).
  • Translation of validation error messages using Transifex.

Pull requests happily accepted.

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