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Django wrapper for intercooler.js - AJAX With Attributes: There is no need to be complex.

Django intercooler.js

django-intercooler.js is just a Django wrapper for [intercooler.js](


[Django]( 1.3 or later


$ pip install django-intercoolerjs


Just add `'django.contrib.staticfiles'` and `'intercoolerjs'` to INSTALLED_APPS in
# ...


# ...
Refer to Django [static files](
documentation to configure and deploy static files.


You use intercooler.js in your Django templates like this
{% load static %}

<script src="{% static " intercoolerjs="" js="" jquery.js"="" %}"=""></script>

<script src="{% static " intercoolerjs="" js="" intercooler.min.js"="" %}"=""></script>
Since version 1.1.0 of intercooler.js it is also possible to use zepto as an alternative
to jQuery. zepto is not yet bundled with django-intercoolerjs.

Version numbers

We are keeping the intercooler.js version number, so that intercooler.js releases can
easily be spotted in django-intercoolerjs. But, since we also need a version number, an
other dot number is added.

If intercooler.js version 1.0.3. is the current release, django-intercoolerjs will have
the version number This last number will be incremented with every release of

If intercooler.js version 1.0.4 is being released, we keep the last django-intercooler
version number, so that features or bugfixes in django-intercoolerjs can be recognized
easier: ==>


A demo project can be found in the `'demo'` folder along with a

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