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django-jutil 1.0.3

Collection of small utilities for Django and Django REST framework projects

Latest Version: 1.0.5


Collection of small utilities for Django and Django REST framework projects.


  • Simplified admin changes history logging (admin_log)
  • ModelAdmin with read/write permissions separated (ModelAdminBase)
  • Admin file download mixin with file permission checks (AdminFileDownloadMixin)
  • User authentication helpers (require_auth, AuthUserMixin)
  • Mixin for cached model fields management (CachedFieldsMixin)
  • BaseCommand extension which catches, logs and emails errors (SafeCommand)
  • Command options for simplified handling of date ranges (add_date_range_arguments, parse_date_range_arguments)
  • Various utilities for date ranges generation and iteration (
  • Utilities for dict sorting and formatting, choices list label fetching (
  • Simplified email sending via SendGrid API (send_email)
  • Various formatting utilities (e.g. XML, timedelta, Decimal)
  • Decimal encoder for encoding JSON objects/dictionaries containing Decimal instances (SimpleDecimalEncoder)
  • Event logging with systematic format for easy parsing/grepping (log_event)
  • Django middleware for exception logging/emailing (LogExceptionMiddleware)
  • Django middleware for language cookie handling (EnsureLanguageCookieMiddleware)
  • Utilities or Django Model handling (e.g. clone_model, get_object_or_none)
  • Utilities for parsing booleans and datetime values (using pytz)
  • Simple user field based permission checking for REST APIs (
  • Geo IP / IP info functions (
  • CSV download response (CsvFileResponse)
  • Simple SMS sending (send_sms)
  • SOAP debugging utilities (, using suds)
  • Mixin for basic test user setup (DefaultTestSetupMixin)
  • Unit tests for bunch of stuff (
  • URL modifying/comparison functions (
  • Validators and filters for various types (
  • XML Element to/from dict conversions (dict_to_element, xml_to_dict)


pip install django-jutil

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