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django-keoh-userprofile 0.0.4

A simple Django app manage user profiles

#Keoh User Profile

Keoh User Profile is a very simple app to use extended version of Django User model.

##Quick start

  1. Add “user_profile” to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this:

  2. Run python syncdb to create the user-profile models:

    python syncdb

Or if you are using South, migrate:

python migrate user_profile
  1. Visit to view the new app in Django Admin


This application creates a user_profile table in your database, this model is linked to django user model, you can access to avatar image through the userprofile object in the user instance object:


It returns the complete url to the avatar file, or if it does not exist, it returns a default image.

##Forms and user sign in and sign up

Documentation in progress.. :(

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