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django-lastfm-auth 0.2.3

django-lastfm-auth is an extension to django-social-auth which adds a backend for


Django-Lastfm-Auth is an extension to `Django-Social-Auth <>`_
which adds a backend for

If you are looking for a stand alone authentication backend then please
check out `django-lastfmauth <>`_.


- Django-Social-Auth >= 0.3.3
    - Django >= 1.2.5
    - Python-OAuth2 >= 1.5.167
    - Python-Openid >= 2.2

API Keys

In order to use this application you must sign up for API keys on These should be put into your settings file using the settings::

    LASTFM_API_KEY = '' # Your api key
    LASTFM_SECRET = '' # Your api secret

Extra data

Similar to the other OAuth backends you can define

    LASTFM_EXTRA_DATA = [('realname', 'realname'), ]

as a list of tuples (response name, alias) to store on the UserSocialAuth model.


To install django-lastfm-auth via pip::

    pip install django-lastfm-auth

Or you can from the latest version from Github manually::

    git clone git://
    cd django-lastfm-auth
    python install

or via pip::

    pip install -e git+

Once you have the app installed you must include in your settings::




Please refer to the `Django-Social-Auth <>`_
documentation for additional information.

Questions or Issues?

If you have questions, issues or requests for improvements please let me know on
`Github <>`_.
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