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django-lot 0.0.5

Django Login over Token.

Latest Version: 0.0.6

Django Login over Token easy the creation of token based logins. Can be one-time-logins, temporary valid logins or permanent logins, always based on your settings.

How to install

You can also install it with: pip install django-lot


Add the lot app to your installed apps and define your settings LOT variable as a dictionary and LOT_MIDDLEWARE_PARAM_NAME if you use the lot middleware.


LOT = {
  'fast-login': {
      'name': _(u'Fast login'),
      'duration': 60,
      'one-time': True,
  'slow-login': {
      'name': _(u'Slow login'),
      'duration': 60*60*24,
      'one-time': True,
  'always-login': {
      'name': _(u'Always login'),
      'one-time': False,
      'duration': None,
  'morning-login': {
      'name': _(u'Morning login'),
      'one-time': False,
      'duration': None,
      'verify-func': lambda x: < 12,
      'delete-on-fail': False


GET key

Add the lot authentication backend to the AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS settings variable.



Header Key

Add the lot authentication middleware to the MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES settings variable. Ensure it is __after__ Django’s AuthenticationMiddleware.




This method should ONLY be used over HTTPS.


You have to create the LOT instances with a user and a type (the uuid and the created date are auto-generated). Then you can use the lot login view, or the the lot login middleware. You can set the session_data attribute to add data to the user session when login with LOT.

If you use the lot middleware you can login in any url that have the param defined in the LOT_MIDDLEWARE_PARAM_NAME and have a valid LOT instance related to it.

If you use the view you can add the next param to redirect the user to an url after the login. By default will redirect you to the “/” url.

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