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django-mathfilters 0.3.0

A set of simple math filters for Django

Latest Version: 0.4.0

django-mathfilters is a pip-installable Python 2/3 module that provides different simple math filters for Django.

Django provides an add template filter, but no corresponding subtracting, multiplying or dividing filters.

Django ticket #361 has been closed as wontfix, so I had to create an alternative that is easy to install in a new Django project.

It currently supports int, float, Decimal and cDecimal types, or any other type that can be converted to int or float.

WARNING: Note that when you have the “cdecimal“ package installed, I assume all “Decimal“ values that are passed to the tag are of “cdecimal“ type. If they aren’t, weird things may happen.


$ pip install django-mathfilters

Then add mathfilters to your INSTALLED_APPS.


You need to load mathfilters at the top of your template. The script provides the following filters:

  • sub – subtraction
  • mul – multiplication
  • div – division
  • intdiv – integer (floor) division
  • abs – absolute value
  • mod – modulo


{% load mathfilters %}


<h1>Basic math filters</h1>

    <li>8 + 3 = {{ 8|add:3 }}</li>

    <li>13 - 17 = {{ 13|sub:17 }}</li>

    {% with answer=42 %}
    <li>42 * 0.5 = {{ answer|mul:0.5 }}</li>
    {% endwith %}

    {% with numerator=12 denominator=3 %}
    <li>12 / 3 = {{ numerator|div:denominator }}</li>
    {% endwith %}

    <li>|-13| = {{ -13|abs }}</li>

Version Support

This module supports Python 2.6–2.7 and 3.2–3.4 as well as PyPy.

Supported Django versions are 1.1 to 1.6.

See for the full build matrix.


MIT License, see LICENSE file.

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