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django-mathjax 0.0.3

MathJax easy integration with django

Latest Version: 0.0.8

Django-mathjax is an application to easy include MathJax in your django projects as dependency, and easy configure directly from django settings.

Installation and configuration

To install django-mathjax you can use pip:

pip install Django-MathJax

Then you have to add django_mathjax app to your INSTALLED_APPS and add a MATHJAX_ENABLED=True to your settings file.

Then you can put in any template the MathJax javascript using the template tag mathjax_scripts. Example:

{% load mathjax %}
      {% mathjax_scripts %}

django-mathjax use the CDN mathjax version, if you want to have your own copy of MathJax, you have to download and put it in your static directory, and add the MATHJAX_LOCAL_PATH with the path of MathJax on static to your settings. Example:

MATHJAX_LOCAL_PATH = 'js/libs/mathjax/'

You can force the usage of mathjax https CDN version enabling the template tag https parameter {% mathjax_scripts True %}.

Settings parameters


Allow to enable/disable the mathjax app.


Use a local path of MathJax Library instead of the CDN. Example:

MATHJAX_LOCAL_PATH = 'js/libs/mathjax/'


Allow to configure the config file used by mathjax. Example:



Allow to configure the mathjax directly by a python dictionary. Example:

  "tex2jax": {
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