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django-nopassword 1.3.1

Authentication backend for django that uses a one time code instead of passwords

# django-nopassword
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This project was originally inspired by [Is it time for password-less login?] by [Ben Brown]

## Installation
Run this command to install django-nopassword

pip install django-nopassword

### Requirements
Django >= 1.4 (1.5 custom user is supported)

## Usage
Add the app to installed apps


Set the authentication backend to *EmailBackend*

AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS = ( 'nopassword.backends.EmailBackend', )

Add urls to your **

urlpatterns = patterns('',
url(r'^accounts/', include('nopassword.urls')),

### Settings
Information about the available settings can be found in the [docs]

## Tests
Run with `python test`.
To run with sqlite add `USE_SQLITE = True` in tests/

MIT © Rolf Erik Lekang
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