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django-observer 0.4.3

Watch any object/field/relation/generic relation of django and recive signals

Watch modification of any type of field in Django’s model and call registered callback function

This observer can watch

  • Any value type of field (CharField, IntegerField …)
  • Any Model type of field (ForeignKey, OneToOneField, GenericForeignKey)
  • Any RelatedManager type of field (field automatically created via related_name of ForeignKey)
  • Any ManyRelatedManager type of field (ManyToManyField)
  • Any GenericRelatedObjectManager type of field (GenericRelation)
  • Any Model instance


This library is on PyPI so you can install it with:

pip install django-observer

or from github:

pip install git+


>>> from django.db import models
>>> from observer import watch
>>> class Entry(models.Model):
...     status = models.CharFiled('status', max_length=10)
...     body = models.CharField('title', max_length=100)
...     def save(self, *args, **kwargs):
...         super(Entry, self).save(*args, **kwargs)
...         # Watch callback, this is automatically called if `status` is **changed**
...         def watch_callback(sender, obj, attr):
...             # sender is a watcher instance
...             # obj is a instance of target
...             # attr is a name of target field
...             if obj.status == 'draft':
...                 obj.title = "draft - %s" % obj.body
...             else:
...                 obj.title = "publish - %s" % obj.body
...         # Start watching
...         self._watcher = watch(self, 'status', watch_callback)

See observer_test/src/miniblog/blog/tests/ for more detail.


A class of watcher. Default is ‘observer.watcher.complex.ComplexWatcher’
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