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django-omblog 1.3.18

Another blog engine, great.

Latest Version: 1.3.20

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Omblog is a django based blog system designed to have a smooth, minimal
writing experience so it's a joy to use and be heavily cached so it can
take a battering.

It is currently being worked on after a long break, however please be
aware that at this current time there is no default frontend skin for
displaying your posts, there is only the UI for creating / editing.

`The documentation will help you get
started <http:""/>`__

If you're looking for a blog that you can style to death that can take a
battering, then give omblog a try.

.. figure::
:alt: The writing UI

The writing UI
Current Features

- Minimal UI for writing posts
- Drag and drop image uploading with automatic thumbnailing
- Syntax highlighting
- Keyboard shortcut to save posts
- Tab key inserts 4 spaces and doesn't bounce out of the writingarea.
- If you have Django's cache backend configured, it can take a


The following libraries / plugins are included in omblog; many thanks is
extended to the authors for their fine, fine work.

- `jQuery <http:""/>`__
- `ICanHaz.js <http:""/>`__
- `jquery.autosize.js <https:"" jackmoore="" autosize="">`__
- `mousetrap.js <http:"" killing="" mice="">`__
- `jquery.slugify <http:"" jquery-slugify-plugin=""/>`__
- `django-thumbs <https:"" pypi="" django-thumbs="">`__

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