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django-organice-theme-fullpage 0.2

A responsive full-page theme for django-organice.

Latest Version: 0.3

A django Organice theme with full-page display as used by

This theme uses functionality of some really awesome projects:

How To Use This Theme

  1. Install this Django app along with django-organice:

    pip install django-organice-theme-fullpage
  2. Add organice_theme_fullpage to your INSTALLED_APPS:


How To Modify This Theme

This theme depends on the base theme django-organice-theme, the asset build process will re-use resources from it. Make sure you clone both repositories on the same directory level. Your folder structure should look something like this:

├── django-organice-theme
│   ├── organice_theme
│   │   ├── static
│   │   └── templates
├── django-organice-theme-fullpage
│   ├── organice_theme_fullpage
│   │   ├── static
│   │   └── templates

Then, loop until you’re happy:

  • Add or adapt the style sheet (.scss), JavaScript (.js), and other files in organice_theme_fullpage/static/.
  • Run make assets in order to compile the Sass files to CSS, and combine and minify both CSS und JavaScript.
  • Adapt the template files in organice_theme_fullpage/templates/, and test the results on your development system.

NOTE: Themes that intend to override the base theme’s styles and JavaScript must define the following two lines in templates/base.html:

{% block theme_css %}{% static 'css/styles.css' %}{% endblock theme_css %}
{% block theme_js %}{% static 'js/scripts.js' %}{% endblock theme_js %}

Download and Contributions

Official repositories: (kept in sync)

  1. Bitbucket:
  2. GitHub:

Getting Help

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