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django-oscar-eway 0.1.0

eWay payment module for django-oscar (Rapid 3.0)

Latest Version: 0.2.0

eWay Payment for Oscar

Disclaimer: The integration to the eWay API defined in this project is incomplete and currently only provides the Token Payment using eWay’s Rapid 3.0 API. We haven’t had the need or time to provide any other part(s) of the API, yet. Contributions to extend the functionality are more than welcome.


You can install django-oscar-eway directly from github by running:

$ pip install django-oscar-eway

After you have successfully installed it, you should add the app to your INSTALLED_APPS:


and provide the eWay-specific settings in your


To obtain access to their developer sandbox, head over to their developer site and create an account.

Finally, you have to apply the migrations provided by the package to your project’s database. These are necessary for logging of eWay communication during the payment process and will make tracking down errors easier:

$ ./sandbox/ migrate eway

Integrate eWay In The Checkout

The simplest way to integrate your project’s checkout with eWay is to use the EwayPaymentDetailMixin to extend your PaymentDetailView. All you need to do is create a new PaymentDetailView in your checkout app, import the mixin and add it to the view class. It should now look similar to this:

from oscar.apps.checkout.views import PaymentDetailsView as OscarPaymentDetailsView
from eway.rapid.mixins import EwayPaymentDetailMixin

class PaymentDetailsView(EwayPaymentDetailMixin, OscarPaymentDetailsView):
    template_name = 'checkout/payment_details.html'

In addition to that you need to hook up the view that is called by the eWay response redirect. A default URL can be defined by adding the following line to your URL patterns:

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    url(r'^checkout/eway/', include('eway.rapid.urls')),

Now it’s time to try it out and see if it works :)

Further Documentation

This package is still in its early stages. We’ll try and provide more documentation soon. Until then, feel free to raise an issue or ask questions on the django-oscar mailing list.


Your need more functionality, found a bug or simply want to help us make this package better? Create a fork, make your changes and open a pull request. We’ll be thankful for it!


The package is released under the new BSD license.



  • Initial version of the project.
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