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django-paypal 0.2.1

A pluggable Django application for integrating PayPal Payments Standard or Payments Pro

A pluggable Django application for integrating PayPal Payments Standard or Payments Pro

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Change log

Please always check the database upgrading docs when upgrading, and see the release_notes.rst for detailed information about all changes.

Below is a summary:

Version 0.2.1

  • Added PayPalNVP.response_dict attribute.
  • Added PayPalFailure.nvp attribute to get full info
  • Switched to using requests library for HTTP calls.

Version 0.2

  • Introduced new, less confusing signals, and deprecated the old ones. This is a bit of an API overhaul, but the migration path is clear, don’t worry!

Version 0.1.5

  • Fixed support for custom User model in South migrations

    If you:

    • are using a custom AUTH_USER_MODEL
    • are using the ‘pro’ app
    • installed version 0.1.4 and ran the migrations,

    you will need to reverse the migrations in the ‘pro’ app that were applied when you ran “./ migrate”.

Version 0.1.4

  • New docs!
  • Python 3 support.
  • Django 1.7 support.
  • Support for custom User model via AUTH_USER_MODEL. If you change AUTH_USER_MODEL you will still need to write your own migrations.
  • Support for all possible ‘initial’ options that could be wanted in PayPalStandardForm
  • Support for PayPalPro CreateBillingAgreement method
  • Support for PayPalPro DoReferenceTransaction method
  • Upgraded to PayPal Pro API version 116.0
    • This deprecates the “amt” parameter for SetExpressCheckout and DoExpressCheckoutPayment. paymentrequest_0_amt should be used instead. Use of amt will raise a DeprecationWarning for now.
  • Various bug fixes, refactorings and small features.
  • Removed PDT signals (which were never fired)

Version 0.1.3

  • Missing payment types added
  • Additional signals:
    • payment_was_refunded
    • payment_was_reversed
  • Django 1.6 compatibility
  • Various bug fixes, including:
    • Fixes for non-ASCII characters
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