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django-pipeline-browserify 0.4.0

django-pipeline compiler for browserify, requires browserify to be installed.

django-pipeline-browserify is a compiler for django-pipeline. Making it really easy to use browserify with Django via pipeline.

To install it:

sudo npm install -g browserify
pip install django-pipeline-browserify

And add it as a compiler to pipeline in your django

    # ...
    'COMPILERS': ('pipeline_browserify.compiler.BrowserifyCompiler', ),
    # ...

To add source maps during development (or any other browserify args):


To add variable assignments before the browserify command:


Important: give your entry-point file a .browserify.js extension:

    # ...
        'browserify': {
            'source_filenames' : (
            'output_filename': 'js/entry-point.js',

To suggest a feature or report a bug:

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