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django-pipeline-compass-compiler 0.1.2

Compiler plugin to use Django Pipeline package with Compass

## Django Pipeline Compass Compiler

Compiler class to use with Django Asset Pipeline package to compile Compass. It uses the official compass gem so you have to install it first:

$ sudo gem install compass

### Installation

The installation is as a `pip` regular package. Remember you have to install [Django Pipeline]( first since the compiler works as a plugin for it. Once you have it:

# from PyPi
$ pip install django-pipeline-compass-compiler

# or from Github
$ pip install git+


### Usage

In your `` you should specify the location of your compass compiler binary installed with RubyGems. As an option, you can give extra arguments to the compiler just as you'd do it when compiling from the command line. Also, you have to tell Pipeline to use the compiler. An example:

PIPELINE_COMPASS_BINARY = '/usr/local/bin/compass' # default: '/usr/bin/env compass'
PIPELINE_COMPASS_ARGUMENTS = '-c path/to/config.rb' # default: ''

PIPELINE_COMPILERS = ('pipeline_compass.compass.CompassCompiler')

### About

I've created and updated this package to reuse it in my future projects, but is hardly based in [this]( package. The main difference is that here the source is compiled only if there were no changes from last compiling.  
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