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django-pipeline 1.3.19

Pipeline is an asset packaging library for Django.

Latest Version: 1.6.14


Pipeline is an asset packaging library for Django, providing both CSS and JavaScript concatenation and compression, built-in JavaScript template support, and optional data-URI image and font embedding.


To install it, simply:

pip install django-pipeline


For documentation, usage, and examples, see :



  • Allow to pre-compress files via Thanks to Edwin Lunando for the suggestion and early prototype.
  • Improve post processing.


  • Performance improvements. Thanks to Miguel Araujo Perez.


  • Improve tests.
  • Escape url in template tags. Thanks to Joshua Kehn.
  • Allow to change javascript templates separator. Thanks to Axel Haustant.


  • Fix python3 compatibility. Thanks to Stephan Wienczny.
  • Various documentation improvements. Thanks to Chrish Clark, Michael Angeletti and Gokmen Gorgen.
  • Tests improvements. Thanks to Michał Górny.


  • Fix unicode handling in sub-process commands. Thanks to Caio Ariede.
  • MinifyHTMLMiddleware use PIPELINE_ENABLED. Thanks to Caio Ariede.
  • Add useful finders. Thanks to Danielle Madeley.


  • Fix prefix handling. Thanks to Brian Montgomery.
  • Recalculate Content-Length after minifying HTML. Thanks to Camilo Nova.
  • Improve compiler outdated detection. Thanks to Hannes Ljungberg.


  • Don’t hardcode SASS arguments. Thanks to Cal Leeming.
  • Fix tests packaging (again). Thanks to Andrew Grigorev.


  • Add minimal GAE support.
  • Make file globing deterministic. Thanks to Adam Charnock.
  • Fix tests packaging. Thanks to Mike Gilbert.


  • Fix Windows specific bug. Thanks to Tom Yam.


  • Add PIPELINE_ENABLED settings. Huge thanks to Carl Meyer.
  • Update compass compiler documentation. Thanks to Camilo Nova.


  • Fix regression in Compiler. Thanks to David Hughes.


  • Improve compiler API. Thanks to Remy Sanchez.
  • Improve documentation on cache busting via staticfiles. Thanks to Rami Chowdhury.
  • Fix url() bug for url with querystring and hash in them. Thanks to Miroslav Shubernetskiy.
  • Add third party compilers in documentation. Thanks to Jared Scott.
  • Fix extension compatibility with both jinja2 and coffin. Thanks to Mark Sandstrom.
  • Add Livescript compiler. Thanks to Arnar Yngvason.


  • Don’t require Django in Thanks to Jannis Leidel.
  • A lot of documentation improvements. Thanks to Jared Scott and Christopher Dilorenzo.


  • Make our threaded code compatible with python 3.


  • Run compilers in threads, should improve performance in DEBUG mode.


  • Fix false errors on subprocess. Thanks to Fabian Büchler.
  • Don’t run MinifyHTMLMiddleware when DEBUG is True. Thanks to Venelin Stoykov.


  • Fix subprocess calls.


  • Jinja2 support is back.
  • Many small improvements in documentation.


  • Improve exceptions hierarchy.
  • Improve our sub-process calls.
  • Update uglify-js documentation. Thanks to Andrey Antukh.


  • Add support Python 3, with some help from Alan Lu.
  • Add support for Django 1.5.
  • Remove support for Django < 1.4.
  • Drop support for Python < 2.6.
  • Drop support for staticfiles app, in favor of django.contrib.staticfiles.
  • Drop PIPELINE settings, in favor of DEBUG to avoid confusion.
  • Drop support for jinja2 temporarily.


  • Fix yui/yuglify settings overriding each other. Thanks to Fábio Santos.


  • Separate yuglify compressor from YUI compressor.
  • Improve HTML compression middleware.


  • Better compressor error messages. Thanks to Steven Cummings.
  • Improve installation documentation. Thanks to Steven Cummings.
  • Fix packaging metadata. Thanks to Rui Coelho for noticing it.
  • Add documentation about non-packing storage.


  • Run stylus even if file is considered outdated.


  • Ensure yui-compressor can still use YUICompressor.


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE : Replace python cssmin compressor to run the command (works for python or node implementation)


  • BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE : Replace yui-compressor by yuglify, check your configuration.
  • Use finders in manifest. Thanks to Sjoerd Arendsen.


  • Fully tested windows compatibility. Thanks to Idan Zalzberg.


  • Fix manifesto module. Thanks to Zenobius Jiricek.
  • Ensure coffee-script compiler don’t try to overwrite file. Thanks to Teo Klestrup Röijezon.


  • Ensure asset url are build with posixpath.
  • Deal with storage prefix properly.


  • Jinja2 support, thanks to Christopher Reeves.
  • Add read/save_file method to CompilerBase.


  • Fix unicode bug in compressor. Thanks to Victor Shnayder.
  • Fix outdated detection bug. Thanks to Victor Shnayder and Erwan Ameil.
  • Add slimit compressor. Thanks to Brant Young.


  • Fix IO error when creating new compiled file. Thanks to Melvin Laplanche.


  • Add a small contribution guide
  • Add mimetype settings for sass and scss
  • Change compiler interface to let compiler determine if file is outdated


  • Use /usr/bin/env by default to find compiler executable. Thanks to Michael Weibel.
  • Allow to change embed settings : max size and directory. Thanks to Pierre Drescher.
  • Some documentation improvements. Thanks to Florent Messa.


  • Don’t compile non-outdated files.
  • Add non-packing storage.


  • Fix bugs in our glob implementation.


  • Many documentation improvements. Thanks to Alexis Svinartchouk.
  • Improve python packaging.
  • Don’t write silently to STATIC_ROOT when we shouldn’t.
  • Accept new .sass extension in SASSCompiler. Thanks to Jonas Geiregat for the report.


  • New lines in templates are now escaper rather than deleted. Thanks to Trey Smith for the report and the patch.
  • Improve how we find where to write compiled file. Thanks to sirex for the patch.


  • Fix import error for cssmin and jsmin compressors. Thanks to Berker Peksag for the report.
  • Fix error with default template function. Thanks to David Charbonnier for the patch and report.


  • Fix encoding problem.
  • Improve storage documentation
  • Add mention of the IRC channel #django-pipeline in documentation


  • Fix javascript mime type bug. Thanks to Chase Seibert for the report.

  • License clarification. Thanks to Dmitry Nezhevenko for the report.


  • Allow to disable javascript closure wrapper with PIPELINE_DISABLE_WRAPPER.
  • Various improvements to documentation.
  • Slightly improve how we find where to write compiled file.
  • Simplify module hierarchy.
  • Allow templatetag to output mimetype to be able to use less.js and other javascript compilers.


  • Fixing a bug in FinderStorage when using prefix in staticfiles. Thanks to Christian Hammond for the report and testing.
  • Make PIPELINE_ROOT defaults more sane. Thanks to Konstantinos Pachnis for the report.


  • Dropped synccompress command in favor of staticfiles collecstatic command.
  • Added file versionning via staticfiles CachedStaticFilesStorage.
  • Added a default js template language.
  • Dropped PIPELINE_AUTO settings in favor of simple PIPELINE.
  • Renamed absolute_asset_paths to absolute_paths for brevity.
  • Made packages lazy to avoid doing unnecessary I/O.
  • Dropped external_urls support for now.
  • Add cssmin compressor. Thanks to Steven Cummings.
  • Jsmin is no more bundle with pipeline.
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
django-pipeline-1.3.19.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-12-09 198KB
django_pipeline-1.3.19-py2.py3-none-any.whl (md5) Python Wheel 2.7 2013-12-09 31KB