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django-ponydebugger 0.0.3

PonyDebugger support for Django

PonyDebugger is a remote debugging toolset that uses Chrome Developer Tools. It consists of 2 parts: a server (ponyd) and an iOS client library so you can debug your iOS apps.

This project adds a Python client for debugging Django web apps.

django-ponydebugger is licensed under the MIT License.


  • Network Traffic Debugging

    View all requests received by Django, including request and response headers and bodies.

  • Console

    Interact with the running process with a fully functional console.

Installation / Setup / Usage

Install the django-ponydebugger package and its dependencies with the following command:

pip install django-ponydebugger

Update your Django settings module to add django_ponydebugger.middleware.PonyMiddleware to MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES (preferably near the beginning).

After receiving the first request, django-ponydebugger will connect to ponyd. Connect to ponyd with your browser (probably, and you should see Django listed. After clicking on Django, django-ponydebugger will report events to PonyDebugger / Chrome Developer Tools.

Known Issues


Future Work

  • Timeline support. It would be nice to report received HTTP requests as well as other events related to the request (like DB queries) to the Timeline.
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