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django-postalcodes 0.3.0

Postal code management.

Django Postal Codes

A simple data model for storing postal codes with placenames and location.


You can clone the repository and install from source::

    python install

or use `pip` to install from PyPI::

    pip install django-postalcodes

.. note::
    Version 0.2+ requires a GIS backend (e.g. PostGIS). Migrating from 0.1 will
    not be straightforward if you have existing data decimal data or do not
    have a GIS backend.

Getting data

Postal code data is available from a number of sources, typically on a country
by country basis. The United States Census Bureau maintains the `Gazetteer
database <>`_, including
detailed zip code data. The `GeoNames geographical database
<>`_ also provides postal code data for
international postal codes (and other places).

The following data file can be used to prepopulate a PostGIS database with US
postalcodes complete with location.

* `US zip codes using state abbreviations <>`_ (879 KB)

These files pertain to the 0.1 release but may still be useful. They are based
on location via decimal fields, rather than a GIS point field.

* `International postal codes <>`_ (9 MB)
* `US zip codes using state abbreviations <>`_ (623 KB)

The data is licensed under the `Database Contents License <>`_.
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