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django-project-goblin 1.3

Manage list of projects


Project Goblin was created to list and manage projects. Note that the projects are not stored, but only listed. This is useful if you want to showcase projects on your blog, come out with new announcements, etc.


The easiest way is to use PIP:

pip install django-project-goblin

Add 'goblin' to the list of installed apps.

    # ...


Once installed, you’ll have access to Project Goblin’s models:


A project is a software project and can contain many releases. The main attributes for a software project are (self-explainator):

  • name
  • description
  • README (a longer description)
  • homepage (URL link to a project).


The release has a foreign key relation to Project and to Change. This is used to make readers aware of the release that has taken place for the project.

The attributes for a release are

  • project (FK to Project)
  • version (The Version number)
  • download (URL to download the release)


A change is a difference of one release over another. A change is something that is

  1. Added,
  2. Removed,
  3. Fixed, or
  4. something else (Other).

In addition, a change is given a description (the what field) where the developer can write a description of the change that occurred.

Fields & Input


A version is–essentially–a list with an added attribute “stage” that can be one of the following values:

  • DEV
  • BETA
  • TEST

When comparing versions, the stage is always incorporated in the comparison. For example, the versions 0.1 and 0.1 are equal, but the versions 0.1-test and 0.1-dev are not.


Model field for a version. For now, this is a CharField. However, a restriction does exist for the version format. It must pass the following regexp test::


Here are examples of acceptable input:


Here are examples of not-so-acceptable (e.g. invalid!) input:


You get the idea.

Errors Thrown


This is thrown when a release is being added to a project and the release’s version is not greater than the last added version. For example, if a project’s latest version is 1.0 and you’re trying to add a version 0.8, the exception will be thrown.

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