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django-qwert 0.2.2

A trivia collection framework for Django

django-qwert is a trivia snippet collection of Django which used in Kawaz


pip install django-qwert


  1. Http403 exception

    Like Http404 exception. You can raise Http403 exception and HttpResponseForbidden will be responsed

  2. User based exception

    Super user can see Django technical exception page even when DEBUG=False

  3. Global request

    Developpers can access request instance duaring request process with thread local mechanisms

  4. with_request decorator

    To enable handling request instance in form, convert form class and classbased generic view class. It is useful to determine the author of the object in method of form.

  5. Useful templatetags and some extra builtin templatetags

    • expr (extra builtin)

      calculate python expression in template

    • evaluate

      evaluate django template in string

    • truncateletters (extra builtin)

      like truncatewords, this truncate letters. Useful to use the language which does not have space for delimiter (like Japanese, Chinese …etc)

    • markdown

      enhanced markdown filter which can care about the markdown extensions. markdown is required to use this templatetag.

    • urlize_html

      urlize filter for HTML string. BeautifulSoup is required to use this templatetag

  6. Enhanced override_settings

    Similar with Django 1.4 override_settings but it will recall syncdb command when new app is appended to INSTALLED_APPS. And with_apps and without_apps decorator/context manager is added.

  7. Automatically test user is created in syncdb command


To disable automatically creating test user in syncdb command, set False to this setting. Default: True
An username of test user. Default: 'admin'
An email address of test user. Default: "" % TESTUSER_USERNAME
A password of test user. Default: 'password'
To disable adding extra templatetags to buitlin, set False.
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