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django-redis 3.3

Full featured redis cache backend for Django.

Latest Version: 4.9.0

Redis cache backend for Django

Full featured redis cache backend for Django.


Read the Docs:


* In active development.
* Sharding supported in a single package.
* Complete battery of tests (accepting improvements).
* Used in production environments on several projects.
* Can set keys with infinite timeout: ``cache.set('key', 'value', timeout=0)``
* Pluggable clients.
* Python3 support with same codebase.
* Supports Django: 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5
* Can take advantage of the connection pool with directly access to the raw redis connection.
* Can emulate memcached backend behavior with connection exceptions (see more :ref:`Settings <settings>`)

Future plans/In developement

* Auto failover
* Master-Slave pluggable client.

How to install

Run ``python install`` to install,
or place ``redis_cache`` on your Python path.

You can also install it with: ``pip install django-redis``
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