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django-request-tree 0.6.1

Provides dango views with input transformed into a tree structure.

Latest Version: 0.8.1

Bug Reports and Development

Please report any problems to the `Martin Owens <>`_.


This module provides a decorator for your django views which will take the flat
django request response and convert the POST and FILES into a tree structure.

This tree can optionally be sent to be varified using an xsd like data-validator
if installed.

Data Example

For example, your html web page might provide a way for javascript to generate
many input widgets and for these to be numbered and collated, once complete the
html form submits this data:


Into this:

'fruit': [
{ 'name': "banana", 'colour': "yellow" },
{ 'name': "apple", 'color': "red" },
'bread': { 'name': "tigle", 'type': "hairy" },

Use Example

import request_tree

def example_view(request):
print request.TREE

Validation Examples

import request_tree

def example_view(request):
print request.VALUS

Work in Progress

This code is still a work in progress, please submit your ideas and patches directly to me via email.  
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