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django-restviews 1.0-rc1

REST-based Django CrUD-Views

django-restviews REST-based Django CrUD-Views


Django is a great framework for efficient, rapid, maintainable and scalable web applications. With the addition of REST frameworks like the Django REST Framework, an API-based approach to web development is also possible.

This Django application fills one specific gap: If you have an API-based approach to your development, you don’t want to build a separate web UI, that is based on the Django view/template/model-framework and doesn’t adhere to your own API-standards.

You want a UI, that specifically uses the API for data retrieval and manipulation. Having the API and not the web UI as a first class citizen is a primary goal of an API-based approach.

The problem is, that you loose a whole bunch of development speed if you have to leave Django’s wonderful generic class based views behind and recreate the same functionality the AJAX/API-way.

Django-Restviews helps you by offering a complete CrUD-framework (Create, Update, Delete) and a data grid that all use the API for data retrieval and manipulation and in that way offers an alternative for Django’s own class based generic views.

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