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django-reversion-compare 0.3.5

history compare for django-reversion

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django-reversion-compare is an extension to django-reversion that provides a history compare view to compare two versions of a model which is under reversion.

Comparing model versions is not a easy task. Maybe there are different view how this should looks like. This project will gives you a generic way to see whats has been changed.

Many parts are customizable by overwrite methods or subclassing, see above.


  • Django 1.4 or newer
  • django-tools (only for running the unittests!)


Just use:

pip install django-reversion-compare

Optional you can install google-diff-match-patch otherwise difflib would be used. The easiest way it to use the unofficial package diff-match-patch, e.g.:

pip install diff-match-patch


Add reversion_compare to INSTALLED_APPS in your, e.g.:

    'reversion', #
    'reversion_compare', #


Inherit from CompareVersionAdmin instead of VersionAdmin to get the compare feature. e.g.:

from django.contrib import admin
from reversion_compare.admin import CompareVersionAdmin

from my_app.models import ExampleModel

class ExampleModelAdmin(CompareVersionAdmin):
    pass, ExampleModelAdmin)


It's possible to change the look for every field or for a entire field type. You must only define a methods to your admin class with this name scheme:

  • "compare_%s" % field_name
  • "compare_%s" % field.get_internal_type()

If there exist no method with this name scheme, the fallback_compare() method would be used.

example for specify a compare method for a model field by name:

class YourAdmin(CompareVersionAdmin):
    def compare_foo_bar(self, obj_compare):
        """ compare the foo_bar model field """
        return "%r <-> %r" % (obj_compare.value1, obj_compare.value2)


Here some screenshots of django-reversion-compare:

How to select the versions to compare:


from v0.1.0: DateTimeField compare (last update), TextField compare (content) with small changes and a ForeignKey compare (child model instance was added):


from v0.1.0: Same as above, but the are more lines changed in TextField and the ForeignKey relation was removed:


Example screenshot from v0.3.0: a many-to-many field compare (friends, hobbies):


  • In the first line, the m2m object has been changed.
  • line 2: A m2m object was deleted
  • line 3: A m2m object was removed from this entry (but not deleted)
  • line 4: This m2m object has not changed


start local server

We ship a simple test project. To use this, do this steps:

$ cd path/to/django-reversion-compare/reversion_compare_test_project/
django-reversion-compare/reversion_compare_test_project$ ./ # creates test.db3 with syncdb and run createsuperuser
django-reversion-compare/reversion_compare_test_project$ ./ runserver --traceback

See, also: reversion_compare_test_project

run unittests


$ cd path/to/django-reversion-compare
django-reversion-compare$ ./ test


$ cd path/to/django-reversion-compare/reversion_compare_test_project/
django-reversion-compare/reversion_compare_test_project$ ./ test reversion_compare


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