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django-reversion 1.8.3

An extension to the Django web framework that provides comprehensive version control facilities

Latest Version: 2.0.10

django-reversion is an extension to the Django web framework that provides comprehensive version control facilities.


  • Roll back to any point in a model’s history - an unlimited undo facility!
  • Recover deleted models - never lose data again!
  • Admin integration for maximum usability.
  • Group related changes into revisions that can be rolled back in a single transaction.
  • Automatically save a new version whenever your model changes using Django’s flexible signalling framework.
  • Automate your revision management with easy-to-use middleware.

django-reversion can be easily added to your existing Django project with an absolute minimum of code changes.


Please read the Getting Started guide for more information.

Download instructions, bug reporting and links to full documentation can be found at the main project website.

You can keep up to date with the latest announcements by joining the django-reversion discussion group.


If you’re upgrading your existing installation of django-reversion, please check the Schema Migrations documentation for information on any database changes and how to upgrade. If you’re using South to manage database migrations in your project, then upgrading is as easy as running a few django management commands.

It’s always worth checking the CHANGELOG before upgrading too, just in case you get caught off-guard by a minor upgrade to the library.


Bug reports, bug fixes, and new features are always welcome. Please raise issues on the django-reversion project site, and submit pull requests for any new code.

You can run the test suite yourself from within a virtual environment with the following commands:

$ pip install django
$ pip install -e .
$ python src/tests/

The django-reversion project is built on every push with Travis CI.

More information

The django-reversion project was developed by Dave Hall. You can get the code from the django-reversion project site.

Dave Hall is a freelance web developer, based in Cambridge, UK. You can usually find him on the Internet in a number of different places:

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