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django-robust-redirects 0.9.2

A more robust and feature full django redirect package

Latest Version: 0.9.3

Django Robust Redirects

A more robust django redirect project.


- Regular expression redirects
- Ordinary direct redirects
- Partial path redirects


1. Install the package from pip `pip install django-robust-redirects`
2. Add the following line to your INSTALLED_APPS::


3. Add the following lines to your middleware::


4. Run syncdb to add the tables to your database

Converting from django.contrib.redirects

Robust redirects comes with a management command that will copy all django redirects over into robust redirects, just
run `python convert_redirects`



- Fix typos in the help text.
- Require Django.
- Prepend a slash when doing a partial replacement if the resulting url doesn’t have one. This avoid relative redirections.
- Fix the model admin form and use it in the admin.  
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django-robust-redirects-0.9.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-01-21 8KB