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django-rocket 1.4

Create your landing page with all the common features: A release date counter, email subscribers, social integration, segmentation, etc.


  • Based on bootstrap3.
  • Integrate it easily with your existing project.
  • Customize your landing page using your own templates.
  • Email newsletters, collect subscriber and send them newsletter from the django administration interface.
  • Not online yet? Easy render a countdown.
  • Integrate with as a Django-CMS plugins.
  • Easy to use templates to enable Social Integration.
  • Segmentate your landing page by using tags.
  • Easy to extend form from settings.
  • Not enough for you? All views are Class Based Views and can be used in your project with out registering the default urls.

How to Install

Get the code

Getting the code for the latest stable release use pip.

$ pip install django-rocket

Install in your project

Then register django_rocket, in the INSTALLED_APPS section of your project’s settings.



Add at these following lines to your project’s urlpatterns in the last position to enable the landing page.

url(r'^', include('django_rocket.urls')),

Remember to enable the django.contrib.admin site in the of your project if you haven’t done it yet for having the edition capabilities.

Syncing the database

Now that you have everything set up, simply run the following in your project directory to sync the models with the database.

$ python syncdb

If you are using South to manage your database, you will have to do the following.

$ python syncdb --migrate

For more detailed documentation go to

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