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django-secureform 0.1-6

Provides protection against spammers and scammers.

Latest Version: 0.3-1

A SmartFile Open Source project. Read more about how SmartFile uses and contributes to Open Source software.


Provides protection against spammers and scammers.


Install using pip pip install django-secureform

Then install the application into your Django project in There are also optional settings which will affect the behavior of SecureForm instances.

INSTALLED_APPS += ('django_secureform', )

# If you wish to use an encryption key other than Django's SECRET_KEY
SECUREFORM_CRYPT_KEY = 'super-secret encryption key'

# This is the name of the hidden field added to the form to contain
# security data.

# The number of seconds allowed between form rendering and submittal.

# The number of honeypot fields added to the form.

# By default, jQuery is needed to hide honeypots. If you already
# use jQuery in your app, you can disable this feature (preventing
# a duplicate script reference to jQuery).


from django_secureform.forms import SecureForm

# Define your form class as usual.
class MySecureForm(SecureForm):
    class Meta:
        # Override options in for this class.
        include_jquery = False

    name = forms.CharField()
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