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django-settings-list 0.1.2

Django app that lists the settings values for a running project using a custom view accessible only by superusers.


A simple, reusable Django app that lists the settings values for a deployed or running project using a custom admin view accessible only by superusers.

Technically, admin is not required, but by default the Settings List view is styled similarly to Django Admin.


  1. Make the settings_list module available in your Python environment.

  2. Make the settings_list/templates/ directory available in your project, either by adding settings_list to INSTALLED_APPS and enabling the app_directories template loader, or by specifying the path manually in TEMPLATE_DIRS.

  3. Add a URL pattern for the settings_list.views.settings_list view. For example:

    (r'^admin/settings/$', 'settings_list.views.settings_list'),

Keeping private settings private

Django Settings List uses django.views.debug.get_safe_settings, which obfuscates “secret” settings (currently, any setting with a name containing SECRET, PASSWORD, PROFANITIES_LIST, or SIGNATURE). This is the same filter used by the debug traceback reporter.

You can also manually specify additional settings to keep private by adding a PRIVATE_SETTINGS setting to your project. For example:

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