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django-shop-simplecategories 0.0.5

A simple to use product categories module for django SHOP

This companion applicatoin to django SHOP provides an example of how shop implementors could implement a simple category system.

It is perfectly usable as a simple category system.

In basic setup, you can select products on category admin page. If you want to set categories in product admin page, subclass ProductWithCategoryForm, set Meta option model to your product model, and set this form as your product form:

from shop_simplecategories.admin import ProductWithCategoryForm

class ProductForm(ProductWithCategoryForm):
    class Meta(object):
        model = Product

class ProductAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
    form = ProductForm

For your convenience we have added a templatetag show_root_categories that outputs all root categories for you:

{% load shop_simplecategories_tags %}

<ul>{% show_root_categories %}</ul>

If you want to manipulate the output of that template tag, just override the template shop_simplecategories/show_root_categories.html

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