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django-shop-viveum 0.3.1

A payment backend module for django-SHOP, using Viveum ( as PSP.

Latest Version: 0.3.4


This module is a payment backend module for django-SHOP (
using Viveum ( as the shops payment service provider.
It can be used for credit card and other kind of payments.

Currently only payment methods are implemented, which do not require a PCI DSS
certification ( for your shop.
This means that your shop never "sees" the credit card numbers, and thus can not
store and/or abuse it.

Using pip::

pip install django-shop-viveum

Viveum Configuration

Get in touch with Viveum and ask for a test account. They will send you an identifier
and a password. Use the given values and log into
this will bring you into a old-fashioned admin environment. All the relevant settings
required to configure this module can be fetched from the menu item
**Configuration > Technical information > Global security parameters**::
Hash algorithm: SHA-1
Character encoding: UTF-8
Enable JavaScript check on template: Yes
Allow usage of static template: Yes

Generate a 16 digit SHA-IN and a 12 digit SHA-OUT random pass phrase (``base64``
and ``/dev/urandom`` are your friends) and copy them into the given fields at
**Configuration > Technical information > Data and origin verification > SHA-IN pass phrase**::

**Configuration > Technical information > Transaction feedback**::
YES, I would like to receive transaction feedback parameters on the redirection URLs.
YES, I would like VIVEUM to display a short text to the customer on the secure payment page
Timing of the request: Always online
Request method: GET
Dynamic e-Commerce parameters Selected:

SHA-OUT pass phrase: (as above)

Test the Configuration
In order to run the unit tests, you must install an additional Python package,
which is not required for normal operation::

pip install requests

Unfortunately there might be an unresolved issue with SSL on requests. Please read
docs/ssl-problem.rst for details.

Run ``./``.
If everything worked fine, you should receive two emails, one for a successful,
and one for a declined payment.
If there is an error, check the error log at the Viveum admin interface.

Test cards
During manual testing, you may not want to use a real credit card number. Here are a few official
credit card numbers for testing:

* VISA: 4111111111111111 with any expiry date in the future and any 3 digit security code.
* A number of a "stolen" card: 4111113333333333 – payment shall be refused.

Use these settings in your shop Configuration
If all tests work fine, use these tested settings for your production environment.

* In Viveums admin interface, transfer your test account settings to production.
* In your project
* add ``viveum``, to INSTALLED_APPS.
* add ``synthesa.payment.backends.ViveumPaymentBackend`` to SHOP_PAYMENT_BACKENDS.
* copy the content of ``tests/`` into the ```` file of
your project. In dict ``VIVEUM_PAYMENT`` change


First release to the public.  
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django-shop-viveum-0.3.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-07-17 15KB