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django-simple-blog 0.1.0

An easy way to start writting blog posts.

Latest Version: 0.2.1


What is it?

django-simple-blog is a simple Django app for fast integrating your
current project with a blog-system

You can easily write blog posts, let users comment the posts if you'd like to.


You can do any of the following to install ``django-simple-blog``

- Run ``pip install django-simple-blog``.
- Run ``easy_install django-simple-blog``.
- Download or "git clone" the package and run ````.
- Download or "git clone" the package and add ``simpleblog`` to your PYTHONPATH.


1. Add ``simpleblog`` to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this::

2. Run ``syncdb``
3. Include the ``simpleblog urls`` like this to have your "home page" as the blog index::

from simpleblog.views import BlogListView

urlpatterns = patterns('',
url(r'^$', BlogListView.as_view(), name='home'),
url(r'^blog/', include('simpleblog.urls')),
url(r'^admin/', include(,


``django-simple-blog`` comes with one templatetag for getting
the latest desired number of posts. Just do this in any template::
{% load blog_tags %}

{% latest_blog_posts 5 %}


``django-simple-blog`` is available in ``english`` and ``swedish``
at the moment, feel free to translate the application in another

For writing posts we will use django's admin application.

The templates

The templates is just there as examples for how your templates
could look like, but they work excellent as well, but if you don't
like them, just override them with your own templates simply.


<https:"" django="" django=""/>`_

<https:"" frankban="" django-endless-pagination=""/>`_

<https:"" alsoicode="" django-simple-math-captcha=""/>`_

If you have problem getting the right versions of these packages,
clone them from their github repository.  
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