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django-simple-email-confirmation 0.11

Simple email confirmation for django.

Latest Version: 0.23

A Django app providing simple email confirmation.

This app can be used to support three different ways of organizing your Users their email address(es). Each email address can be in a confirmed/unconfirmed state.

  • Users have one email address that is stored on the User
  • Users have one primary email address stored on the User model, and have N secondary emails stored in EmailAddress objects
  • Users have N email addresses stored in EmailAddress objects.


Create a new User, confirm their email:

email = ''
user = User.objects.create_user(email, email=email)
user.is_confirmed # False

send_email(email, 'Use %s to confirm your email' % user.confirmation_key)
# User gets email, passes the confirmation_key back to your server

user.is_confirmed # True

Add another email to an existing User, confirm it, then set it as their primary.

new_email = ''
confirmation_key = user.add_unconfirmed_email(new_email)
new_email in user.unconfirmed_emails # True

send_email(new_email, 'Use %s to confirm your new email' % confirmation_key)
# User gets email, passes the confirmation_key back to your server

new_email in user.confirmed_emails # True

user.set_primary_email(new_email) #


  1. From pypi using pip:

    pip install django-simple-email-confirmation
  2. Add simple_email_confirmation to your settings.INSTALLED_APPS:

  3. Add the provided mixin to your django 1.5+ custom user model:

    from django.contrib.auth.models import AbstractUser
    from simple_email_confirmation import SimpleEmailConfirmationUserMixin
    class User(SimpleEmailConfirmationUserMixin, AbstractUser):

    Note: you don’t strictly have to do this final step. Without this, you won’t have the nice helper functions and properties on your User objects but the remainder of the app should function fine.

Running the Tests

Using Doug Hellman’s virtualenvwrapper:

pip install django-simple-email-confirmation
export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=simple_email_confirmation.test_project.settings test simple_email_confirmation

Found a Bug?

To file a bug or submit a patch, please head over to django-simple-email-confirmation on github.


Originally adapted from Pinax’s django-email-confirmation, which was originally adapted from James Tauber’s django-email-confirmation.

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