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django-simple-feedback-form 1.1.1

Simple feedback form for your django project.

This Django app has for provide simple form for sending mail forom users to admins your django-based site.


Install into your python path using pip or github version:

pip install django-simple-feedback-form


pip install -e git://

Using in your project

Add ‘feedback_form’ to your INSTALLED_APPS in,




and add ‘feedback_form.urls’ in your main usrs configuration:

url(r'^feedback/', include("feedback_form.urls", namespace="feedback_form")),

and add in your template add link to feedback view:

<a href="{% url 'feedback_form:feedback' %}">Feedback form</a>

And override the template “feedback_form/feedback.html” for your site.

Additional settings

You can override these settings in your main file:

CONTACT_ADMINS_ONLY - send email only to users which added in ADMINS tuple. By default is enabled. If it is a disabled, send to MANAGERS mails too.

CONTACT_SEND_META_INFO- send meta information about user (IP and user-agent). By default is disabled.

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