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django-simple-redis-admin 1.1.0

A django admin application to manage redis cache keys.

Latest Version: 1.4.0

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`django-simple-redis-admin` is an addition to your Django admin panel that allows you to view and delete your Redis keys.

* Django >= 1.4
* A Django redis cache backend. I recommend [django-redis-cache](

`django-simple-redis-admin` can be installed via pip.

pip install django-simple-redis-admin

Then just add `redis_admin` to your `INSTALLED_APPS`.

Why simple?

This package does not use models, so no database tables need to be created. Just add to INSTALLED_APPS and go.
Users must have is_superuser == True to view the Redis admin. No django admin logs are created with this package.

To Do
* Editing keys
* Better representation for Redis sets  
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