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django-skebby 0.2.3

A Django app to send sms with skebby

Latest Version: 0.3.1


A simple Django app to send sms by Skebby.



SKEBBY_USERNAME = 'yourskebbyusername'
SKEBBY_PASSWORD = 'yourskebbypassword'

# if SSL does not work

# If you have *requested and obtained* the raise to 100000 messages per request

In your code:

from django_skebby.utils import Sms, skebby_credit_left

# greetings to some people
template = "Good {{ festivity }}{% if friend %} {{ friend }}{% endif %}!"
ctx = {'festivity': 'birthday'}
sms = Sms(template, ["39123456789", "3912346788"], sender_string="Your friend", ctx=ctx)
ret = sms.send()
# Skebby has a recipient limit of 50000 numbers that can be raised to 100000 on request
# The app will take care of itself depending on settings.SKEBBY_MAX_RECIPIENTS
failed_requests = [r for r in ret['body'] if r['error']]
if failed_requests:
print "some errors!"

# to a special friend
ctx = {'festivity': birthday, 'friend': 'Doge'}
r = sms.send_single(ctx, "3912345679")
if r['error']:
print "failed to greet :( %s" % (r['message'])

# check credit
credit = skebby_credit_left()
if credit['error']:
print "failed to get credit"
print credit['body']

A view that returns the credit in json format is available, to enable it add the app:


include the urls:

url(r'^skebby/', include('django_skebby.urls')),

add use it:

$.get('/skebby/credit_left/', function(data) {
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