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django-social-auth 0.7.25

Django social authentication made simple.

Latest Version: 0.7.28

Django Social Auth

Django Social Auth is an easy way to setup social authentication/authorization
mechanism for Django projects.

Crafted using base code from django-twitter-oauth_ and django-openid-auth_,
it implements a common interface to define new authentication providers from
third parties.

You can view this app's documentation on `Read the Docs`_ too.

.. contents:: Table of Contents


This application provides user registration and login using social site
credentials. Some features are:

- Registration and login with social sites using the following providers
at the moment:

* `Google OpenID`_
* `Google OAuth`_
* `Google OAuth2`_
* `Yahoo OpenID`_
* OpenId_ like myOpenID_
* `Twitter OAuth`_
* `Facebook OAuth`_

Some contributions added support for:

* `DISQUS OAuth`_
* `LiveJournal OpenID`_
* `Orkut OAuth`_
* `Linkedin OAuth`_
* `Foursquare OAuth2`_
* `GitHub OAuth`_
* `Dropbox OAuth`_
* `Flickr OAuth`_
* `Vkontakte OAuth`_
* `MSN Live Connect OAuth2`_
* `Skyrock OAuth`_
* `Yahoo OAuth`_
* `Evernote OAuth`_
* ` OAuth`_
* `Odnoklassniki OAuth`_
* `Mixcloud OAuth2`_
* `BitBucket OAuth`_
* `Douban OAuth`_
* `Fitbit OAuth`_
* `Instagram OAuth2`_
* `Twilio`_
* `Trello OAuth`_
* `Weibo OAuth2`_
* `Yandex OpenId`_
* `Shopify OAuth2`_
* `StockTwits OAuth2`_
* `Stackoverflow OAuth2`_
* `Fedora OpenID`_
* `Exacttarget HubExchange`_
* `Appsfuel OAuth2`_

- Basic user data population and signaling to allows custom fields values
from providers' responses

- Multiple social account associations to a single user

- Custom User model override if needed (`auth.User`_ by default)

- Extensible pipeline to handle authentication/association mechanism


There's a demo at
Note: It lacks some backends' support at the moment.


Join the `django-social-auth discussion list`_ and bring any questions or suggestions
that would improve this application.

Also join the IRC channel ``#django-social-auth`` on Freenode server.


Extensive documentation at `Read the Docs`_.


Dependencies that **must** be met to use the application:

- OpenId_ support depends on python-openid_

- OAuth_ support depends on python-oauth2_

- Several backends demands application registration on their corresponding


From pypi_::

$ pip install django-social-auth


$ easy_install django-social-auth

or clone from github_::

$ git clone git://

and add social_auth to PYTHONPATH::

$ export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:$(pwd)/django-social-auth/


$ cd django-social-auth
$ sudo python install


If you're having problems with using the project, use the support forum at CodersClan.

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Copyrights and Licence

``django-social-auth`` is protected by BSD licence.

Some bits were derived from others' work and copyrighted by:

- django-twitter-oauth::

Original Copyright goes to Henrik Lied (henriklied)
Code borrowed from

- django-openid-auth::

django-openid-auth - OpenID integration for django.contrib.auth
Copyright (C) 2007 Simon Willison
Copyright (C) 2008-2010 Canonical Ltd.

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