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django-sphinx-autodoc 0.0

Autodoc all apps from a project to Sphinx

Latest Version: 0.2

Django is awesome in that way you can reuse a lot of applications in your projects. It means for big projects that you’ll get a long list of applications in your settings.INSTALLED_APP.

If you’re using Django with Sphinx and want to autodoc all these apps in a wink of an eye, then this app is for you.

How it works

It will scrap all your .py files in each application listed by INSTALLED_APP, then add automodules in your PROJECT/SPHINX_ROOT/modules.rst.



  • If modules or automodules already exist, then do not add a new line to index

  • create to store some variables
    • SPHINX_INDEX : default to ‘index.rst’, but you might have changed it
    • MODULES_NAME : name for the modules.rst file if you already use this name
    • EXCLUDED_MODULES : default to [‘’], a module being any python file
  • Include external apps (currently only internal apps, located in the project root directory)

  • Write tests


Django command extension to update the autodoc