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django-sr 0.0.4

Django settings resolver.

The siple way to resolve some data defined on settings. You can easy to use it on any part of you python code on your django project.

Also, this exposeses templatetags for django template engine and jinja template enjine for easy use it from templates. See examples to better understand how it works.

How to install

You can also install it with: pip install django-sr


Add the sr app to your installed apps and define your settings SR variable as a dictionary.


SR = {
    'footer': {
        'phone': '+34 987654321',
        'address': 'Foo Bar Street, 32',
        'other_text': 'Text with parameters {0}',
    'header': {
        'logo': {
            'alt': 'Logo image',
            'src': ''

Usage examples

Use it directly from your code.

from sr import sr
logo_alt = sr('header.logo.alt')  # Logo image
other_text = sr('footer.other_text', 'parameter')  # Text with parameters parameter

Also, from django templates with the sr template tag:

{% load sr %}
<span class="phone">{% sr '' %}</span>
<span class="other">{% sr 'footer.other_text' 'text' %}</span>

And you can use it from jinja templates using the sr global function:

<span class="phone">{{ sr('') }}</span>
<span class="other">{{ sr('footer.other_text', 'text') }}</span>

For jinja template integration for django you need use django-jinja

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