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django-ssl-redirect 1.0

A middleware that secures URLS.

Latest Version: 2.0

Django SSL Redirect

Django SSL Redirect is a middleware that ensures secured URLs and only secured URLs are accessed securely over HTTPS.


Run `pip install django-ssl-redirect`

Securing Views

To secure a view simply add `'SSL': True` the views kwargs

urlpatterns = patterns('my_app.views',
url(r'^secure/path/$', 'secure_view', {'SSL':True}),

Use secure redirects.

`USE_SSL (default True)`

Name of the view kwarg.

`SSL (default 'SSL')`

Port number of the SSL connection. If not None it is appended after the host.

`SSLPORT (default None)`

A list of secure paths.

`HTTPS_PATHS (default [])`  
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