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django-sslify-admin 0.5.0

Force SSL on your Django admin site.


Force SSL on your Django admin site


To install django-sslify-admin, simply run pip install django-sslify-admin and you’ll get the latest version installed automatically.


Modify your Django file, and prepend sslifyadmin.middleware.SSLifyAdminMiddleware to your MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES setting:

    # ...

NOTE: Make sure sslify.middleware.SSLifyMiddleware is the first middleware class listed, as this will ensure that if a user makes an unsecure request (over HTTP), they will be redirected to HTTPs before any actual processing happens. If you plan to use `i18n_patterns <>`__ on admin urls, this middleware needs to be appended AFTER `django.middleware.locale.LocaleMiddleware <>`__!

Custom admin url?

If you are using a custom admin url, you have to set SSLIFY_ADMIN_NAMESPACE in your

# SSLIFY_ADMIN_NAMESPACE = "admin" # default
SSLIFY_ADMIN_NAMESPACE = "myadminurl" # custom


By default, the admin is sslfying if settings.DEBUG is False, but for some reason (ie. local, test suite) you may want remove debugging and not trigger the sslify. You have to set SSLIFY_ADMIN_DISABLE in your


Behind a Proxy? (Heroku)

If your Django app is behind a proxy (like Heroku), though, the proxy may be “swallowing” the fact that a request is HTTPS, using a non-HTTPS connection between the proxy and Django.

In this situation, you’ll want to configure the proxy (Heroku already does that for you) to set a custom HTTP header that tells Django whether the request came in via HTTPS, and you’ll want to set SECURE_PROXY_SSL_HEADER so that Django knows what header to look for, like this:



This code was taken and modified from this StackOverflow thread. This Project is also influenced by Randall Degges django-sslify, use this, if you want to secure your whole site, and not only the admin interface of Django.

If you like this project please consider giving me a gittip, thanks! :)


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$ cd django-sslify-admin
$ python develop
$ python test
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