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django-tag-tools 0.1.2

Tag cloud for django tagging and django-taggit.

Latest Version: 0.2.0

Tag tools

This currently provides a tag cloud generator for django-tagging and

Optional settings

If TAGTOOLS_TAG_APP is not set, it will attempt to import the
tag-apps in the order defined here. **Default:** ('taggit', 'tagging')

Force what app to use. **Default:** pick first found entry in

How many different sizes of tags for the cloud. **Default:** 6

Minimum frequency of a tag before it is included. **Default:** 1


There's a view ``tagged_object_list`` if you want to devote an entire
page to a tag-cloud. In your url-conf:

tags_dict= {
'queryset_or_model': YorTaggedModel,
'template_name': 'sometemplate.html',

urlpatterns = patterns('tagtools.views',
(r'^tag/(?P<tag>[-\w\d]+)/$', 'tagged_object_list', tags_dict),

You can generate lists of tags in a view with the function

You can set tags for a model with ``tagtools.set_tags_for_model``.

:Version: 0.1.2  
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