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django-tastypie-crust 0.2

Goodies for Tastypie.

Tastypie Crust

Your Tastypie just become even tastier.


This package is really just a collection of snippets I use constantly with Tastypie across multiple projects. They are reused so much it just makes more sense to collect them together than copy-pasting codes everywhere.

None of the snippets in this package originate from myself. The idea of “resource actions”, in particular, came from tastypie-actions by Justin Alexander (aka thelonecabbage on GitHub), although I re-implemented the details quite a bit. Some other utilities are mostly collected from snippets floating around the Internet (StackOverflow,, etc.).



class ActionResourceMixin

Resources subclassing this mixin can have methods decorated with action, making those methods accessible throught Tastypie API.

action(name=None, url=None, static=False,
       allowed=None, login_required=False, throttled=False)

Decorator that makes extra resource methods accessible through Tastypie API.


class AnonymousAuthentication

Authentication policy that only allows certain request methods go through anonymously.


Some example usages can be found inside testproj/testapp/


BSD 3-cluse license. See file LICENSE for its content.


To run tests in this project, you need django-nose and coverage along with obvious dependencies. Run python testproj/ test in the project root to invoke tests.

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