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django-telemetry 0.1.1

Event-based reporting system for django - with queryset graphs

An event-based reporting system for django – With queryset graphs [More on the graphs in this gist](!

### Not fit for human consumption. This is a collection of event/reporting code that I’ve used in various places over the years. It seems useful enough to share, but I haven’t added docs or examples yet.

## Event Features * Event reporting in middleware, decorators, and tasks * Request recording using middleware, decorators, view Mixins. * Organizing requests by user, referer, and browser signature where provided * Optional async recording/reporting using celery

## Reporting Features * Logs in the database with management commands to clear old logs * Generic queryset graphs (using [flot]( to track _any_ queryset with a date field

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django-telemetry-0.1.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-02-24 83KB