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django-templarbit 1.0.5

Templarbit protects Django applications from XSS attacks and other malicious activity.


  • Python 2.7 or 3.4+
  • A supported version of Django (currently 1.8+)
  • Your Templarbit Property ID and API Key


To install django-templarbit simply run:

$ pip install django-templarbit

Example App

An example app with templarbit installed can be found here:


We need to hook django-templarbit into our project. Put templarbit into your INSTALLED_APPS at settings module:


Add templarbit middleware to your


Add the Templarbit configuration environment variables to your project:

$ export TEMPLARBIT_PROPERTY_ID='property_id'
$ export TEMPLARBIT_API_TOKEN='api_token'

That’s all!

To check your installation, you can examine the response headers from your application by running a simple curl -v Notice the Content-Security-Policy header pulled from Templarbit.

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