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django-template-server 0.3.1

Makes it easy to test Django templates

Runs a server that renders Django templates.

This is intended for frontend developers and designers to be able to work with Django templates before a backend developer/sysadmin sets up the Django project properly.


  • sudo pip install django-template-server



Creates a runserver executable

Available options:

  • -t/--templatedir: Folder with your templates, defaults to ./templates
  • -m/--mediadir: Folder with your media (css/js) files, defaults to ./media
  • -s/--staticdir: Folder with your static (css/js) files, defaults to ./static
  • -d/--django: Django version to use, defaults to 1.3
  • -r/--runserverpath: Location where to put the runserver executable, defaults to ./

Runs a server that serves templates

Available options:

  • -l/--local: Make the server only listen locally.
  • A port number can be given as positional argument, defaults to the lowest open port number above 8000.
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